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Google Earth

Google Earth

On line satellite photos of all the beaches in the book.

You can virtually fly to all the Elusive Beaches of Eleuthera

Have you tried Google Earth yet? We think it is one of the coolest pieces of software we’ve ever seen - and it’s FREE.

Google Earth allows you to view hi res satellite images, on your computer, of anywhere on earth. Just type in the name, or address, or compass coordinates and Google Earth will fly you there - that’s right, fly. Google Earth is a 3D program that contains details about the earth’s terrain. You can choose your view, altitude and orientation so you can actually fly around mountains if you want.

Different layers of information contain maps with street names etc, businesses, attractions, schools, hospitals plus anything else anyone wants to program in.

OK that’s enough of a commercial. As a visitor to why would you care? Simple, Google Earth allows you to save a list of coordinates and share the file with others. We have entered all the locations of The Elusive Beaches of Eleuthera into a Google Earth file (ElusiveBeaches.kmz) and you can download the file here and tour all the beaches from your armchair. Not as good as actually visiting all the beaches yourself but it will let you choose the ones that appeal to you if you don’t have the luxury of time during your trip. You can actually see what we describe in our book. The Queen’s highway, where the tracks lead and where you’ll end up if you follow our directions.

We think this is a terrific addition to our book and if you have a powerful computer (Mac or PC) and a high speed Internet connection we’re sure you’ll find it a lot of fun.

How do I get Google Earth?

Easy, just go to and click on the Download button for your computer.

How do I get ElusiveBeaches.kmz?

That’s even easier Just click here and download the link file. From Google Earth menu bar just select File -> Open and select the link file (ElusiveBeaches.kmz) that you just downloaded. Google Earth will retrieve the data from our web site. What’s more, as we update the data on the beaches it will be automatically reflected on your desktop.

Enjoy and please let us know what you think.

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